Matt's 1988 Jeep Comanche Project

Purchased October 2004: $1000 (Texas)
Completed April 2005:  Total cost ~ $2500

Jeep Comanche MJ Sportruck: 2.5L 4 cylinder.  2x4 with manual 4 speed.

Parts replaced/purchased to date:  Starter, Radiator, Serpentine belt, Starter relay, Plugs, Wires, Cap, Rotor, Fan shroud, Grill, Front bumper, Rear bumper, Light bezels, Driver side wheel well skirt, Bushwacker fender flares, front parking light lenses, L/R side mirrors, Valve cover, bumper ends, Cowl panel, Bondo, New back window

Work to be done: 

Exterior: Many minor dents and dings, a few large ones + one really large dent:  
Needs a lot of bumping and filling, but no rust damage.  The driver side box has one caved in section that will require the most extensive repair.  Prime and Paint.   Color will be Orange.  Either GM Hugger Orange or Ford Competition Orange.   Below the body line will be black.  Rims will be sand blasted and either painted black or powder coated black (I'll have to price it).  All trim will be black - nothing shiny.  The Orange/Black should look really good IMHO.

Interior: Requires complete make-over.  I imagine I'll have to farm out the reupholstering.  I plan on painting the interior orange as well with a black floor.  Since most of the interior panels are trashed - I imagine I'll simply go for the "Spartan" look and leave most of it bare - heck it's a Jeep right?  Don't need no plush trim panels anyways...  The dash will be repainted black (it's blue now - won't work with orange!)

Mechanical/Electrical: Replace valve cover. Install shroud.  New starter grinds.  I will try removing the shim otherwise I may need a new flywheel.  Fix parking brake.  Fix blinkers. Fix key assy on column.   Replace driver side lock (major PAIN).  Perhaps re-tint side windows...




10/31/04         11/11/04         11/17/04         03/07/05

04/12/05          04/13/05       04/15/05        04/17/05

04/18/05         04/27/05         04/28/05         04/29/05



The new custom seat cover came in - fits pretty good, the new rear window seal came in - installed without a hitch and doesn't leak!  The truck has been on the road for a month now.  It needed a little brake work, but otherwise it's been doing great.  I've already used it for a couple hauling jobs.  It was nice not to borrow someone else's for a change!  It looks like this project is a wrap!


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