Back on it's feet for the first time in almost 6 months!

I got the new tires mounted.  Some kind of all terrain tire.  I plan on going much larger (these are 235/75/15's) next year after a 3" lift and use the other flares.  I just want to get it on the road for now though.  These tires are fairly meaty looking.

I like the black rim look - kinda like an old military vehicle.  (I know - "ain't never seen no ORANGE military vehicle before!")
The particular wheel pictured here is missing the center cap (the rest have there's) - I have one coming in off ebay...

A couple full shots:


Painting the interior was a PAIN!  I had to mask everything off from the inside this time.  The fumes would only take seconds to accumulate until visibility was zero.  I had to keep a fan going to dissipate it as fast as I could.  Anyway, I hit the lightly surfaced rusted areas on the floor with a wire wheel and then sprayed on some stuff that chemically converts rust to something else (it turns black - and no more rust - I put some on an old musket YEARS ago - it's still black!).  Then I painted the floor with what was left of the bedliner stuff.  Next, I painted the walls and ceiling with 2 part urethane black.   Here's a shot of the interior:

As you can see the dash still needs refurbed (I picked up some black vinyl paint).  I like the orange door/black interior (call me weird!).  Also, I cleaned up the shift boot I had and got it all bolted down.  You can just make out the new door seal too.

While waiting for the paint to dry, I changed the oil.  IT WAS NASTY!!!  It took an impact wrench to get the oil plug off!  Also, I had to "modify" my oil filter wrench to get the friggin filter off (I cut a chunk out of it with a die grinder).  There is a bracket in the way on 4cyl versions apparently.  Looking back on my blog here - I never mentioned I gave this beast a tune up shortly after I got it home.  New plugs, wires, cap and rotor, valve cover and starter.  Starter grinds - needs a fly wheel I guess (I'll have to look at it one of these days - it's not too bad at the moment).  Anyway, it fired right up after the oil change and after sitting all this time - sounds really good.  The one good thing this truck has under it is the exhaust system.  It's relatively new.  I normally don't like the sound of a glass-pack on a 4 banger - but this one doesn't sound too bad.

Today I'm gonna get the seatbelts back in, and re-install the bench seat.  The bench seat needed a little repair - the lever underneath didn't release the slider on the passenger side - I installed a better pull arm - seems to work fine now.  Also, the custom seat cover will be in next week.

Still waiting on that rear window seal...