Took a week of vacation to get some work done before it gets too hot.  I want to get all the orange shot so I can focus on reassembly, the interior, and all the miscellaneous mechanical/electrical repairs on my regular days off.

dsc01380.jpg (11643 bytes)
I did some cutting in the fender well as well as in the bed to allow the caved in area to be jacked out.  It's not perfect -
but it's much better than it was.

BEFORE                                                                                       AFTER
dsc01132.jpg (11755 bytes)  dsc01396.jpg (8643 bytes) 

dsc01381.jpg (10820 bytes)  dsc01382.jpg (10997 bytes)

dsc01394.jpg (8901 bytes)   dsc01393.jpg (9535 bytes)
                                                                        Here's the cutout in the bed ^ ^ ^  I saved the cut out piece - I plan on riveting it back in (in theory)

dsc01395.jpg (8517 bytes)
Fairly straight now - good enough for who it's for.

Getting the other side going...

dsc01390.jpg (12240 bytes)   dsc01391.jpg (9672 bytes)
Dents, dents, and more dents

dsc01402.jpg (7602 bytes)   dsc01403.jpg (8945 bytes)

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