04/15/05    04/16/05

Got the drivers side painted, and I've started putting things back together.

dsc01455.jpg (31167 bytes)   dsc01456.jpg (30914 bytes)

dsc01458.jpg (28387 bytes)   dsc01457.jpg (35025 bytes)

dsc01463.jpg (33959 bytes)   dsc01464.jpg (30200 bytes)

dsc01466.jpg (29528 bytes)   dsc01468.jpg (33793 bytes)

I temporarily put the new bumper on and cleaned up/installed my existing taillights for these shots.
dsc01469.jpg (29623 bytes)  dsc01470.jpg (31818 bytes)
I plan on painting "Jeep" black on the tailgate and paint a black border along the bottom of each side (at the lower body line).
I can't wait for those Bushwhackers to come in - the paint sceme will look pretty sharp with them.
I also still need the paint in bed liner...

dsc01473.jpg (34148 bytes)   dsc01471.jpg (27227 bytes)

I've got some stuff on order for the header panel (the frames for the headlights and for the parking lights).  I think I'm going to try to salvage the existing header panel.  We'll see...