Let the work begin! 

dsc01127.jpg (19583 bytes)   dsc01138.jpg (16649 bytes)
                                                                                                        Look where this mirror is mounted!!  NOT gonna work there!

These are shots of the worst body damage.
This side is caved as much as a couple inches.
dsc01134.jpg (11778 bytes)   dsc01132.jpg (11755 bytes)

dsc01140.jpg (17520 bytes)   dsc01142.jpg (12920 bytes)
Look MA no antenna!

dsc01143.jpg (16244 bytes)   dsc01144.jpg (23464 bytes)
                                                                                                       You can see the new radiator (just setting for now) and the new wiring/starter relay.

dsc01146.jpg (19280 bytes)   dsc01147.jpg (17934 bytes)
A couple shots after removing interior.  Still need to vacuum...