Too cold to work much this winter.  Finally got the hood in prime.  Still working on the passenger door.  Removed back window (yukky mess!).   I might have the local glass place custom cut a new back glass and tint it - not sure yet (a new sliding back window would be nice!).   I've also started on the drivers side door - some sanding and removed the lock (needs a new one).

dsc01340.jpg (13272 bytes)   dsc01344.jpg (15619 bytes)

dsc01341.jpg (13497 bytes)   dsc01351.jpg (8074 bytes)

dsc01354.jpg (11954 bytes)   dsc01357.jpg (9034 bytes)
Got the nasty back window removed - what a MESS!          This door was dinged and dented pretty good - not looking so bad now...