I installed the drivers door + mirror + door handle (still needs a new lock).  I also cleaned up the side vent and popped it back on.  Next, I masked off all the areas to be painted black.  I scuffed and prepped those areas and shot them black:

dsc01515.jpg (32666 bytes)   dsc01518.jpg (31300 bytes)

dsc01519.jpg (35523 bytes)   dsc01525.jpg (36826 bytes)
I got fancy on the hood ^^^^^^^

Should look pretty sharp with the new flares on (might be here tomorrow!) and the rims painted black.
I still need to paint "Jeep" in black on the tailgate also.

Here's the window trim ready to go on tomorrow:
dsc01521.jpg (37606 bytes)

Also, I got around to repairing that big hole I put in the bed:
dsc01523.jpg (25203 bytes)
Once the spray-in bedliner is painted - I don't think this will be very noticable.

Here's what I need to work on next:
dsc01522.jpg (27352 bytes)