I got the rest of what I'm going to paint in prime and now - getting some Orange stuff shot on (Automotive 2 part Urathane  to be precise)...

dsc01407.jpg (13557 bytes)   dsc01408.jpg (12644 bytes)

dsc01409.jpg (8965 bytes)   dsc01411.jpg (10634 bytes)

dsc01412.jpg (11602 bytes)   dsc01415.jpg (8450 bytes)
I see these reduced images make it look worse than it is - here's a full size shot:

DSC01415H.JPG (787959 bytes)

I've got several runs to sand/polish out, but beyond that it looks better than it did.

I've still got 5 days left, and most of the paint is done - cool!

I found a new slider back window on Ebay for $25 - it's on it's way.   Also on EBay had some Bushwhacker Fender Flares ($310).  They will be much easier to install than the stock flares and extend 4" out instead of the stock 2".  So when I get new tires - I'll put the biggest ones I can fit on the Grand Cherokee rims I've got.  Should look good.

Next, I need to put the painted pieces in a safe place and pull the drivers side door.  Not much more to do after that to get the rest painted.  The bed will be receiving a paint-in bed liner.  I'm testing a particular brand out by putting it in the floor of the cab:

dsc01384.jpg (11702 bytes)   dsc01385.jpg (11762 bytes)

Oughta look good.