Well, I've opted to put the Bushwhackers on a back burner until I can stuff wide enough rubber on.  For now: stock flares.  I've got the rims painted and waiting for tires to come in and be mounted (tomorrow).  The flares have been installed (new on the front and re-used the old back ones).  The back plates had mostly broken studs in them - so I used nuts/bolts/washers instead.  I'll have to see how well this works - there might be warping in the sun.  I got the rest of the front end put together and the bed liner painted in:

These are pics in primer (the paint wasn't tough enough though) - they have since been powder coated black.

Here's the repaired area - not too noticable.                           Here's the new slider back window - still needs seal (on order).



I got the new front bumper installed.  I also tied in the lower cowl molding (original) to the two front flares - went together fine.
The front end is still missing  the upper and lower trim pieces - I'll find some one of these days.  Good enough for now!