I sanded and cleaned up the header panel.  It has several broken mounts in it, but I think it's usable.  Today it got primed and painted and installed along with the window trim:

dsc01527.jpg (36823 bytes)   dsc01528.jpg (30722 bytes)

dsc01526.jpg (36026 bytes)   dsc01529.jpg (37649 bytes)

The Bushwhackers came in today.  Dang their W I D E !  I'm gonna wait until I put on the widest, knobbiest tires I can fit on those rims + add some spacers (I think I saw some 1 1/2" ones for $110 a set of 2).  THEN it won't look dorky to have those wide flares on!  Here they are:

dsc01530.jpg (25993 bytes)

I'm going back to work tomorrow, so it'll be another week before more gets done.