Livingroom Remodel Page


BEFORE pictures:

When we first moved in (2004):

after a little work:

...but still a MESS!!!!!!!

The walls are exterior cedar siding panels (unfinished even) and many places have water leak stains.  The pictures make things look better then they are.



MAY 2009

After refinancing, we have some $$ for some major remodeling.  In order, we will remodel the: Living room/kitchen (one big room), Front Bathroom, Hallway, Master Bedroom, Master Bathroom, Master Closet and rebuild the Central Air System.

AUG 2009

Currently, work is progressing on the Living room/kitchen and the Central Air.  We are converting the AC from a down draft to an up draft because (and stupidly), all the vents are in the floors and all the ductwork is under the house.  The new system will route everything from the ceilings and corner soffits where critters can't tear it all up.  The central air has been off-line and useless since living here.  It will be nice to have it all working again - literally better then ever.

Current construction pictures:

All will be sheet rocked with a lowered (a little) ceiling.  The new ceiling will house ductwork, lighting and a 7.1 speakers.   It will also be double insulated (why not?).

...tore out a couple windows and installed a sliding glass door:

To the right of the new door is the existing door and a couple windows.  They will be removed to make way for the new kitchen cabinets.

Note the new sub flooring.  It is being put down over the existing (in poor shape) wood floor.  New bamboo flooring is currently in storage waiting to be installed (1750lbs of it!).


The new back wall will sport two end closets with a very narrow connecting hallway.  The hallway will be used for recessing sound equipment and for gaining access to the new crawl space above the ceiling.

                                                                                                                                                                  ^^^^ picture a a large flatscreen on this wall with recessed components underneath...

                                                                                                                         ^^^^^ Roscoe performing a sneak inspection

Got the new lighting wired up.  They're just sitting up there loose until after the drywall goes in.

Some shots of the crawl area above the ceiling.  I installed some old florescent lighting I had in storage.  Should be nice when needing to do work up there in the future.

Sep to Nov 2009

Got a new updraft unit in (I'm converting from a down draft) 

plumbed into the new ceiling

sheetrock up


on with the paint!

This is called a “monochromatic gradiant” just in case you were wondering...

And now the bamboo flooring (glue down)


 Jan 2010

sub, center, and fronts installed...

behind the scenes:

 For the base boards I ripped 1/2” MDF into 5” strips. Then fluted and added a nice radius to the top – then two tone paint...

...installed some:

got more doors installed:

and most recently, work on the recessed AV rack:

it's Jan 27 2010 – more to come...

2011- 2012 Update pictures:

note the sunrise colors :-)

We found a rug to match too!

2012-2013 update pics

Believe it or not – that's a 55” TV! I'm thinkin' 80” will be next!

The 7.1 sound system sounds awesome. The accoustics turned out really good!