Speedometer and Tachometer


I bought an all in one unit off ebay (same electronics as a Dakota 5000).  The unit didn't recognize a Warrior's speed sensor and the tach refused to register correctly (I wonder if our ignition system is multi-spark?).  Here's the unit:

Nice!  It would have been excellent!  Oh well...

Since I am now going to use the stock units, I'm going to need a custom tach housing since the existing tach is designed to work with the stock headlight.  Here's the work on the tach housing:

The guts are held in with silicon.  If I ever need to get back into it - I still can.  I like silicon because it cleans up easy, it doesn't hurt surfaces that it bonds to, it makes it possible to assemble something without nuts and bolts sticking out all over, and it repels water.

Next comes the mounting bracket fabrication.  First I made a rough template that will allow mounting of both the tach AND the speedo with just one bracket.  It will mount under the front of the riser clamp.

I traced it out and started cutting.

Trimmed it up:

Getting some holes drilled:

Test it out:

Looks like it all fits!

Got it painted:

I did a lot of work on the wiring harness.  Stock - it's set up pretty dumb.  One cable goes from the tach to the speedo and then one cable each goes to the bike.  Or in other words:  Tach to Speedo and bike, Speedo to Tach and bike > four cables in all.  I rewired it so one cable goes from the tach to the speedo and one cable from the speeo to the bike:

It's just cleaner this way.

Next, I cut a face piece out of Lexan:

I made a template to trace out what I want the visible area of the face to look like - so I can black out the rest (where the silicon will adhere the face to the unit).  Next I taped painters tape onto some wax paper - and cut it out from the template.

Then stuck the tape to the Lexan:

After painting, it's all ready to go on the bike:

Next I put it all together:

The cable going to the bike fits nicely under the tank.

before the face plate

with faceplate installed

(I plan on putting a trim piece around the face edge when I find something that will work to give it a more "finished" look.)


...and then rolled it out into the light: