Completely Nude Pulley

I like almost everything about the Warrior.  Almost.  I never liked the pulley cover.  It just looks out of place.  It doesn't "flow" well in my humble opinion.  I'm not crazy about the Barons naked pulley kit either.  It's very expensive and isn't that much of an improvement (again IMHO).


Here's the above mentioned offending cover:

Here's what's behind the cover:


Now, if we remove that silly support piece:

...we end up with something much cleaner looking:

The problem is that support piece does more then hold on a cover - it also reinforces the output side of the transfer case.  It's definitely needed!  Or is it?

I decided to do some "trimming" to remove the "cover support" aspects while retaining its reinforcement properties and came up with

(note my "Bud Light" prop! LOL!)


...and Viola!

much cleaner looking now! (especially after routing the wires BEHIND the plate!)

Here's more of angle you'd see standing next to it

On a side note-  I bet I also lost a few pounds of aluminum as well.  The cover alone is quite heavy.