Front End


Since the forks need to be longer (4 to 5 inches) I opted to buy a new front end already extended +4".  BMS Choppers push American Suspensions for their front ends - so that was the route I went.  For $2050, BMS sold me this "Black Mamba" style front end along with a couple custom adapters to fit it to a Warrior frame:

To fit the front wheel on the new 3/4" axle (which is smaller than a stock Warrior) I had a spacer fabbed at a local machine shop.

From left to right: the new axle, some sleeving material (to center the wheel), the custom spacer, and the bearings.

Put together:


Next, comes fitting the stock size rotor (which actually is about the right diameter).
The main problem to overcome is the stock position is off 1/2 inch from lining up with the caliper.
This necessitated more machine work to fab a custom rotor spacer:

Pretty spiffy!


It worked out perfect!