Frame and Swing Arm

update 02/24/06


Here's the frame immedietely after the tear down

Here's the swing arm along with a few other parts


The next phase was to send the frame off to BMS Choppers in FL for a 45 Rake Job.
The cost (in Nov of '05) was $850.  Shipping cost about $225 - $250 both ways.  There were no other
"extra" charges from BMS - they never tried to soak me for more - good people to work with!

I think I over-killed my packing of my frame

My "custom" box was SO good - they reused it to send my frame back!!

I shipped the frame off and let Sam at BMS know it was on it's way.  It was delivered a couple
HOURS after a hurricane trashed that area of Florida!  UPS really did a good job!  Due to power
outages and setbacks from the storm, the frame work was on hold for a couple weeks.  About a month or so later,
just before Christmas, a big box turned up on my porch!  I knew JUST what to do with the frame!

It stayed there through Christmas.

Here's a shot after moving it to the shop:

My next order of business was to take off some tabs from the frame and swing arm

These are the ones to go on the frame:

I never got a pic right after cutting and grinding the frame though,
but here's a shot of the swing arm

With the tabs off - it's off to the powder coater!  To have the both sand blasted and powder coated cost $250
at a local place.  I stuck with a heavy gloss black because it's a good neutral color incase I change tin colors later.