Engine and Transmission

This Warrior is a 2002 model and therefore required a complete tranny teardown by a dealer because of a recall.  The recall focused on preventing a possible transmission problem due to some bikes receiving a slightly mis-machined gear which could cause a small circlip to fail resulting in a possible transmission lockup (not good!)  To the best of my knowledge NO Warriors ever actually locked.  This was simply Yamaha doing the right thing and standing behind their machines.  Since the labor was "free" I had them install some 10.5:1 pistons while they were in there.  ...oh, and the suspect gear was fine too...

The stock airbox has been removed and replaced with a couple K&N's.  Also a coil and sensor relocation plate (Barons) was installed.

I found these "perty" covers on EBay:

I had to mod the compression release cover to allow for the new "102" cover:



 think the chrome looks good against the now black pipes: