Matt's Overhead Cabinet Project

The Problem:  We need a dishwasher - but lack cabinet space

The Solution:  Build a Cabinet over the Island to free up space for the dishwasher

The Problem(s):  Too many to count!

Here's the Island:

First problem:  If the cabinet is high enough to comfortably clear the Island - then it's too high.  If the cabinet is low enough to  reach - it blocks the counter space of the island.  The solution?  A Genie garage door opener of course!

Here are the stages to achieve automation for an overhead cabinet:

First:  the opener is installed in a pillar (note cedar theme) connected to an arm:

Next - weld a framwork together

Test it out:

Attach a base:


Test it out:

Build the rest of the cabinet:

Here's a shot with it's sliding doors installed:

Test it out:

                             Down                                                                                            Up




Well, the spring method for counter balancing was too jerky and couldn't support much weight.  Sooo, a pulley system had to be built complete with 100lbs of counter balance.

Note how the sliding doors stay UP when the cabinet is lowered.

Here's a Video of the action!  CabVid 1.89mb (right click and select "Save Target As")



Finally got the light wired in with a nice recessed switch.


The wifey emptied out the drawers that will be eliminated by the dishwasher, and loaded the overhead with things that were bulky and light weight...




...and all to get a dishwasher installed.  In the end, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!